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Do you want to change your life? Join me on my 50-Day Life Transformation Challenge. Get involved! It won't cost you anything except a few bad habits.

Day 1: Getting Things Done

Notepad with a list of to dos

Only 50 days until my 40th birthday! Today, the focus was on capturing ambitious tasks and getting things done. There are two main objectives in mind:

  1. I want to get used to consistently accomplishing everything I set out to do for the day.
  2. I want to be able to assess the day effectively. This means setting ambitious goals while simultaneously planning the scope to be manageable.

No more excuses: I aim to increase productivity. This can only be achieved by creating a strong counterbalance to my work. Exercise will now become my daily routine. But sleep is also crucial. My absolute bedtime deadline is 10:30 PM. Even better would be going to bed at 10 PM and waking up at 5 AM. This amounts to seven hours of sleep, which is considered sufficient.

The first day was a success: I completed all the planned tasks and even accomplished more than expected. From shopping and shuttling the kids back and forth to having ample time to play with them, it's incredible how efficient one can be when not giving tasks too much space.

There's truth in the statement that tasks utilize exactly the space you give them.

There's something to it: the more time I allocate to a task, the more time I will need for it. Conversely, if I keep the time tight, I can complete the task in less time. This represents a significant increase in productivity and serves as an important conclusion for Day 1 of my 50-Day Life Transformation Challenge.

I look forward to the next 49 days and sharing my progress with you. Stay tuned!


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