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Day 3: Thinking and Execution Phases

Last night, I noted two things I want to improve:

  1. Dividing tasks into thinking and execution phases.
  2. Grouping tasks thematically.

Regarding the latter, it's about not mixing too many tasks from different subject areas. In simple terms, not working on two projects simultaneously and constantly switching between them.

I believe that the brain can focus better on specific tasks when working on tasks from the same subject area consecutively. It's like "priming" the brain, setting it on the right track, and enabling it to think further through associations.

Next, I will consciously divide tasks into thinking and execution phases, separating them in terms of time. This will give me the opportunity to reconsider a possible decision after some time and, if necessary, reevaluate it.

I noticed that I jot down tasks and then can't start implementing them immediately because I need to think through various aspects of the task first.

For example, with skillution, I'm currently working on saving users' course progress so they can resume from where they left off.

In my task management, I noted: "Save course progress and resume."

However, I quickly realized that I couldn't start the task directly. Instead, I sat there and spent a lot of time thinking about the different implementation methods. This resulted in time wasted and inefficiency. One, due to the time lost, and two, because the chosen approach might not be the best one. Often, it makes sense to sleep on a decision and reconsider it with a fresh perspective.

In the future, I will consciously divide all tasks into a thinking phase and an execution phase, separating them in terms of time. This will give me the chance to revisit a decision with a fresh perspective and potentially revise it.


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