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Day 42: A book starts with the first word

An observation: One writes differently when thinking that the nonsense will be read by someone else. Okay, any half-talented thinker will come to this realization as well - nothing special.

Right now, the idea of optimizing every aspect of my life fascinates me. For example, I can think of three things that are not optimal and I want to change, and then take concrete steps to improve.

The book "Dopamine Detox" is exactly about this, identifying things where actions are needed. Turning everything off and simplifying as much as possible. Writing a book is not a dark art that has to wait for an enlightening moment to appear. No: a typical non-fiction book has between 60,000 to 110,000 words (250 to 450 pages). That's 164 to about 300 words per day. Right here, at this point in the text, I have exactly written 144 words. It took me just about 5 minutes. Let's say 6 minutes of writing per day, and I'll have a book together in a year. It's quite surprising to see how little effort can achieve great things. The biggest hurdle remains a big hurdle if it is seen as such. But if every mountain is climbed one step at a time, every book starts with the first word, and if one focuses only on the path on the journey, then everything is achievable.

So, if something is really important, then it's that every goal needs a first step. And after the first step comes the second, then the third, fourth, and so on. Why do many authors write one book after another, as if there's nothing easier in the world? Because they focus only on the steps, on the individual words that they add up to a daily quota.

Right here at this point, I have already written well over 300 words. That's 2 books a year. So what's stopping me? Not knowing what to write about? All of this here, I've just made up on the spot. What then?

An obstacle remains an obstacle if it is seen as an obstacle.


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