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Day 37: Don't Overpace

Those who run a half-marathon or even a full marathon know the importance of managing their own energy reserves. It is crucial not to overpace, which essentially means not exerting too much energy at the beginning of a race and ending up with no energy left to reach the finish line. As a runner, I use a watch that shows me exactly how many minutes and seconds I need for each kilometer.

Even a few seconds can make a huge difference here: If I run just 5 seconds faster per kilometer, it doesn't feel like an exertion initially. I don't notice these few seconds in the first 5 to 10 kilometers. However, by kilometer 25, exhaustion sets in, and I realize that I probably won't be able to finish the race.

I like to apply this analogy to my life and the goals I'm aiming for. Essentially, they are nothing more than a marathon: we have the goal in sight and tend to overpace. At the beginning of new projects, we often pick up a lot of speed and quickly realize in the middle that we've overexerted ourselves. What happens then? Often, we deviate from our path, quit, and look for new goals.

Manage your energy reserves wisely

As mentioned earlier, energy management is crucial. Understand that endurance is more important than speed. If you want to achieve a goal, it's about reaching it, not being the first. If you want to be the first, you will inevitably enter a competition that will drain all your energy. However, if you focus on reaching your destination, speed becomes a secondary matter. All you need to do to reach your goal is to take one step after another. These steps add up and bring you closer to your goal.

Feel when your energy is dwindling early

Be sensitive and listen to yourself: observe how your energy reserves are depleting. Move in a way that at least maintains your energy level or, even better, increases it. Reduce your speed early, take a break, and walk instead of running.

Remember: It's better to pause briefly and recharge your strength than to collapse from overexertion on the wayside.


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