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Day 35: Defy the Danger

Schild am Lünener Seepark: "Das Springen ist mit Gefahr verbunden und deshalb untersagt!"

New lands were discovered because there were people who boarded ships without fear and set their course toward the endless horizon. Brave individuals like Hans and Sophie Scholl, who stood up to the Nazi thugs and paid for it with their lives, continue to be symbols that inspire millions of people to stand up for change, even if it means paying with their own lives.

In the Lünen Seepark, there is a sign that reads:

"Das Springen ist mit Gefahr verbunden und deshalb untersagt!"

german for:

"Jumping is prohibited due to the risk involved."

I doubt that such a sign existed anywhere a hundred years ago. Today, we tend to cocoon ourselves. Sitting around on the couch and wasting our life scrolling aimlessly on YouTube and TikTok is widely accepted. Jumping from one shore into a lake, on the other hand, is prohibited because it potentially carries risks.

Would someone have held such a sign in front of Christopher Columbus when he was about to discover a new sea route to India?

Discoveries, changes, any form of pioneering require courage and the willingness to take risks. It's about not just staying comfortable but also venturing out into the world in the face of your own fears and standing up for your convictions and ideas.

This is a plea not to be discouraged. Do not listen to the voices of doubters and naysayers who often want to deter us from our adventures. Go out into the world! Seek adventures! Follow your path and persevere.

As a well-known saying goes: "Everyone said, 'it can't be done,' then someone came and did it."

Be a pioneer, be brave, and follow your heart!


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