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Day 34: Clarity Through Writing

Originally, for today's entry in my 50-Day Life Transformation Challenge, I had planned to write about goals, visions, and my life plan. More specifically, I wanted to delve into how one can take their vision and life plan, review it weekly, and refine it further. However, there is something more important to share.

It's about writing, my daily writing practice. I'm not sure if it's a journal or a diary. It's probably more of a journal because I write less about my physical experiences and more about what life stirs within me. I've been writing daily for several years now. But for the past 34 days, I've been writing not only daily but also with a more focused purpose. And that's interesting because I've just asked myself what I actually mean by that.

It's about my challenge. I've set a goal to work on my mindset and my life in general every day for the last 50 days leading up to my 40th birthday. It's about examining my beliefs. Of course, this involves understanding in advance how much beliefs influence us. I've been aware of this for a while now. What has become even more apparent to me is the importance of daily writing. It provides me with clarity. Writing is truly thinking with the hand. It enables me to organize my thoughts and derive actions from them. Instead of resigning myself to my fate, writing makes it easy for me to analyze it. I can view my fate from different perspectives and place it into a larger picture.

Writing creates new perspectives and ensures that one doesn't simply surrender to fate but takes it into their own hands, modifies it, and builds opportunities. Opportunities for happiness, encounters, and change.

By the way, I like the image of a person standing in a river. You can simply stand still in the river, but then the river will tug at you and try to push you forward. You have to exert energy to resist the river. Here, standing still means wasting your energy to maintain the status quo. Instead, you could let yourself be carried by the river and see the world from ever-changing perspectives.

Start writing and bring clarity to your mind. Move and use your energy to gain new perspectives. The more focused, the better!


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