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Day 33: Create Your Own Luck

It's paradoxical: happiness is often seen as something that simply happens to us, and we tend to wish for "success" rather than "good luck." However, we have more influence over our happiness than we think. Here's how we can foster the emergence of "happiness."

The idea of "Luck Surface Area" can be expressed in a simple formula:

Luck = Doing x Telling

The idea is straightforward: take action and share your experiences. Take more action and share even more. This way, you expand your "Luck Surface Area," much like spreading a cloth under a chestnut tree, hoping that chestnuts will fall on it. The more area you cover, the greater the likelihood of collecting more chestnuts.

Events don't just happen

It's important to adopt a different perspective. We are not merely passive individuals to whom things happen. Things happen to us because of decisions we made in the past, decisions that paved the way for what is happening to us today.

What can you do to experience more happiness?

Experiment! Take calculated risks! Venture into the world and do things you haven't done before. Be brave! Don't shy away from difficult tasks. Always remember: the obstacle is the path!

All the great explorers and pioneers in our history became well-known figures because they took risks. Because they were willing to undertake challenging journeys. Because they didn't shy away from overcoming obstacles.

What would have become of Christopher Columbus if he were alive today? Would he spend two hours a day scrolling through TikTok short videos on his smartphone?

The temptation to relax on a couch is certainly strong. Therefore, continually remind yourself that it's the difficult tasks in life that make it worth living and give it meaning. Take risks. Follow your passion and share it with people.

Turn your experiences into stories you can tell others. And if you think they aren't interesting enough, I have a book recommendation for you:

"Storyworthy" by Matthew Dicks.

Step out into the world and be courageous!


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