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Day 30: You're in Control

No matter what happens, you have the power to take action in every situation, exert momentum, and influence the course of where you find yourself. I wrote about overcoming procrastination just yesterday, primarily through the awareness that you are at the helm of your life and can change direction at any time.

You're probably familiar with the feeling of helplessness, of being at the mercy of circumstances. However hopeless the situation you're currently facing may seem, you always have a margin of action, and you should be aware of that.

Perhaps a client project is on the brink of failure, one that you and your team have been working on for months. Maybe you're feeling a strong sense of apprehension, fearing the reactions of the responsible parties. Fear may paralyze you, and you're dreading the repercussions.

It's crucial to recognize the scope of action available to you. Instead of succumbing to fear, you could stand up, straighten your back, and initiate an open conversation with all involved, in which you explain the situation.

I've found that honest and straightforward discussions, without sugar-coating, always lead to understanding on the other side. Business partners appreciate candidness more than flowery words.

Throughout my 16 years of self-employment at Kommune3, we've encountered challenging situations time and again. Often, by addressing the situation openly and honestly, we not only defused it but also significantly improved it.

I'll never forget the situation where an error on our part nearly derailed a client project. When the error occurred, I was paralyzed by fear, imagining how severe it would be if our client found out. I carried this fear with me for days, experiencing sleepless nights and an inability to concentrate.

When the pressure became unbearable, and I was on the verge of breaking down, I summoned all my courage and requested a personal meeting with the client. In that meeting, I explained the situation in detail, admitted our mistake, outlined how it had happened, and what steps we had taken to prevent such errors in the future. Of course, we assured them that we would take responsibility for the mistake, even if it had nearly meant our ruin.

The open approach to the situation was well received by our client. They not only assured us of their continued support and full trust in our work but also deepened their collaboration with us because the open handling of problems had shown them that they could rely on us completely.

This taught me that, no matter how dire a situation may seem, you always have the opportunity to take action. It's not just about maintaining the status quo but also about effecting improvement through wise actions.

Whatever happens, you always retain control!


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