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Day 20: Quality & Depth

A Cafe in a Street of Paris with lots of Flowers

I'm currently in Paris and overwhelmed by the beauty of the city. Wherever you look, you discover little wonderlands. The beauty of the buildings, streets, squares, and people is overwhelming.

I yearn for depth and quality. Instead, we tend to constantly choose quantity. More of this. More of that. Rushing through work quickly. It would be wiser to take our time. Time and depth to complete tasks with full dedication and the best quality.

In the book "Deep Work", the author Cal Newport tells the story of a blacksmith forging a samurai sword. He takes ample time for it and immerses himself entirely in his work. It requires his full concentration: hours of hammering the iron. One wrong strike, and the sword's blade would break. The blacksmith would never think of doing his work in a rush. No, he fully commits to the process and immerses himself in his work.

Depth means engaging in a task with complete dedication. Allowing no distractions and giving your very best. Depth in your own work brings fulfillment.

On the 20th day of my 50-Day Life Transformation Challenge, I want to establish another rule: Strive for depth. Always fully engage. When a child tells you something, listen attentively. When you dedicate yourself to a task, do it with full dedication. Seek meaning instead of quantity.

Depth demands that you declutter your mind. Renounce all trivialities and give the moment your full attention. Create value. Live and experience to the fullest. Do everything with dedication and learn to savor it.

In the workplace, depth means creating a distraction-free space. Think of the blacksmith who works on the blade for hours until it's perfect. He doesn't check his emails every 10 minutes, answer WhatsApp messages, or check his Instagram profile. No, he focuses 100% on his task and puts everything else aside.

When you work, work. When you eat, eat. When you relax, relax. And so on. In a time when we're inclined to reach for our smartphones even while waiting at a traffic light, this is not a given.


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