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Day 12: Creating More Value

A simple and clean room

I want to simplify things - get rid of clutter. Instead, I want to focus on a few valuable things. To build a strong foundation instead of accumulating countless unimportant things. This applies to both my mind and my surroundings.

Simplification brings clarity. Simple structures are easy to understand, navigate, and maintain. A few simple structures are easier to manage and can be strengthened gradually.

On day 12 of my 50-Day Life Transformation Challenge, I will strive to simplify my environment. Creating clarity. Creating value.


  • Instead of accumulating many items in my apartment, I want to get rid of things and keep only a few valuable ones.
  • Value should outweigh quantity:
    • Instead of having a lot of decorations, I prefer to have a few high-quality items.
    • Instead of working on many individual projects, I'd rather advance one project meaningfully.
    • Instead of communicating with many people, I'd rather give my full attention to a single person.

This results in a new rule: Strive for Simplification.


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