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I was confronted with a Supabase problem that (almost) drove me crazy: I have a simple table "projects" that only stores a project uuid and a project name. While developing on my Web-App I disabled role level security (RLS) for this table. I usually proceed disabling row level policies in the first phase of developing as it helps me to focus on the frontend and the general project scheme.


Ever wondered how to query your users table in Supabase? This was my questioned of the day: I developed a Node.js middleware for my Vue Time Tracking App that I hopefully can release soon. The exact question was: "how to query users by email?".

What you see here is the first attempt to develop a camera drone from the 3D printer. I want to revisit the project and solve the problems of the prototype step by step.

Admittedly: the design is at least "plain" - but that wasn't my ambition either. The first version was a prototype quickly clicked together in Fusion 360, primarily to produce anything flyable at all. My focus here was primarily on the engineering, and I wanted to get a sense of where the challenges were in this project.

Plausible is a minimalistic and DSGVO-compliant alternative to Google Analytics. It works completely without cookies and is also open source. Quite a few good arguments. It's high time to turn my back on Google Analytics anyway, so I'm taking a closer look at Plausible

The goal: Give Plausible a chance and install my own Plausible server on a DigitalOcean droplet to track this website.


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