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6:20 PM is a good time for a fresh start

Yesterday, I spoke with a close friend, and he shared his resolutions for the new year with me. He has set a goal to establish a new company. However, before that, he wants to refine and improve his routines. In addition to his morning routine (waking up early, drinking water, no phone, and meditation), he plans to engage in sports for at least 30 minutes on at least 3 days a week. Only after firmly integrating these routines into his daily life does he intend to embark on the establishment of the new business.

It's mid-November, making it a good time to contemplate resolutions for the upcoming year. There's enough time to carefully consider ideas, line them up in your mind, and wait for January 1st to kickstart the new resolutions. But why wait, and what happens if you don't stick to your resolutions? What about the two misses rule?

I have a theory: If you want to change things, do it immediately. Do the 10 push-ups you committed to right now. Write the first 20 sentences for your first book right now. Call the best friend you've neglected for so long right now. Stop eating unhealthy food right now. Put your phone aside right now. Read the book you've always wanted to read right now. Go outside for a walk to clear your head right now. Sign up for the gym or take the bus to the sauna right now. Book the trip you've always wanted to take right now.

Waiting for some future date to mark the beginning of all the good things you've always planned is no different from the nicotine addict having that one last cigarette before quitting.

If you want change, if you want to take control of your life, there's only one right starting date, and that is NOW!

6:20 PM is a good time for a fresh start!


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