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Bringing a project to a success also means having a clear prioritization. But what do you do when priorities change from one day to the next? When tomorrow you no longer believe in the success of today's project?

This article is about changing priorities and how to tame indecision.

Perhaps first of all, changing priorities are normal. I say so now. I experience it in myself and have observed it often enough in others.

I just went to a restaurant with my partner. We don't do it very often, even less since we have kids. But just today we realized that we do it too rarely. And this, although many others would probably have lost the desire.

But from the beginning: What happened?

We entered the restaurant, were greeted in an extremely friendly manner and escorted to one of the free tables. The usual flipping back and forth of the menu and waiting for the waiter. Then placed the order, a short time later received the drinks. So far, everything is still unspectacular.


There's a good chance that you consume significantly more than you produce on the other side. Our information-packed world serves us beautifully draped consumer morsels at every turn. A TikTok video here, a news item there, and the new mobile game is already waiting in the wings.

There's nothing wrong with consumption. But it makes a difference whether you consume excited news or a well-thought-out book. Moreover, the preponderance of consumption in relation to creation has increased significantly.

For quite a long time I have been telling everyone that I actually still feel the same as I did when I was 16. By "everyone" I mean at least all the people in my circle of friends and acquaintances. And at least also all "other people", above all family members. And what I really meant was that the feeling is the same. So that the time between 16 and now possibly sounds much bigger than it feels.


9 tons of 40-year-old steel and 75 hp: The Lykke is our new ship and at the same time our start into a new adventure.

We discovered the ship in Hamburg at the beginning of June and already fell in love during the first inspection. The Lykke (Danish for "luck") is a Dutch steel displacement vessel and was built in 1980 by the Gruno shipyard. The model name is "Kruiser" but we have not yet found out the exact model number. Is it possibly a unique piece? We do not know.

One of my most important insights of the last years: Procrastination is cheating yourself. To procrastinate means that you waste your time in every way. You don't use it to do the things that need to be done, nor do you use it to properly relax and gather your strength. The truly worst form of procrastination, however, is pseudo-work. You may know the phenomenon: often you find yourself in a situation where you can't find the strength to pursue a thing effectively and instead you settle for minimally dealing with it in some way.

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