3D Print

On my way to develop a 3D printable camera drone I designed and printed different housings and frames. But I always came to a point where I had to make changes: sometimes I had to reposition the GPS unit, change the position of the camera, relocate cables, etc. I had to make a lot of changes. All this led me to discard the design again and again and develop a new one. This slowed me down a lot in the development, so I decided to create a flexible and quickly customizable development framework.

What you see here is the first attempt to develop a camera drone from the 3D printer. I want to revisit the project and solve the problems of the prototype step by step.

Admittedly: the design is at least "plain" - but that wasn't my ambition either. The first version was a prototype quickly clicked together in Fusion 360, primarily to produce anything flyable at all. My focus here was primarily on the engineering, and I wanted to get a sense of where the challenges were in this project.

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