Sunday thoughts 1

I'd like to start a little series under "Sunday Thoughts" where I briefly share ideas that have been on my mind over the week or projects I'm currently working on. Starting today is "Sunday Thoughts 1"


First successful drone flight with the new frame

I have completed a first successful flight test with my newly designed development frame, a video will follow shortly. But this in advance: it was successful! I had already completed a few tests in the dry in advance to configure the basic values reasonably correctly. To do this, I held the drone in my hand with the motors running and adjusted the correction values so that it oscillates as little as possible. The next step is now to optimize the values. Especially when rotating around its own axis, the drone still reacts quite rough.

If you want to learn more about how I develop an open source camera drone, click here.

Managing multiple projects simultaneously

I've been thinking a lot over the last few days about how to most effectively push my many different projects forward in parallel. Sure: I can't tear myself apart. After all, there are only 24 hours in a day. But I want to use these 24 hours as effectively as possible. One thing in particular has become clear to me: I have to make it as comfortable as possible to start or continue working on a project. Therefore, I got into the habit to write down concretely what I have to do next before finishing a task. And concrete here means really very concrete. For example, I write down "Place another thread 25mm from the edge of the frame" (in my drone project). Or "Develop a function that checks email address input for valid top-level domains" (in my day job as a developer).

This saves me from having to constantly rewrite existing projects. This is especially helpful when, like me, you sometimes leave projects for a few weeks.

I'm working in parallel on a small article on the subject, which I will publish here in the coming days.



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