Online Marketing Jumpstart

There are a few basic approaches to online marketing. Here is an overview of the most important basic principles:

Choosing the marketing channel for your product or service:

  • If there is already a demand: search engine marketing
  • If there is no demand: social networks
  • You have more time than money: content marketing
  • You have more money than time: advertisements

Keep in mind, if you don't have a domain with lots of inbound links and traffic, that Google wants to fulfill users' search intent. Search the search engines for websites with a low domain authority. If Google places them on the first page, the content must be really good.

If you want to create an effective ad, but you don't know how to get the attention of your target audience, use the PAS formula as a guide:

  • Problem: Describe your customer's problem
  • Agitate: Go into the consequences of the problem to the point of pain.
  • Solution: Show how you can solve the problem.

Before you buy a domain, check the backlink profile. Especially check if there are a lot of spam links. Even a perfect domain is worth nothing if it has a bad history and is possibly penalized by search engines. Correcting this is usually not worth the effort. Better look for another domain then.

Here are tools you can use to check your domain's backlinks:

How to use testimonials

Testimonials are an important part of a website because they build trust with your potential customers. However, many of these testimonials only describe how much other customers like the product.

It's better if the testimonials show practical use cases and debunk possible objections to your product or service.

It is recommended to place testimonials in the lower third of your website. Your visitors will have an inner dialogue with themselves: after you have shown them their problem and offered a solution, they will think about possible objections. This is the right moment when you can present them with testimonials from other customers in order to refute these objections.

Find more potential customers with Facebook Lookalike Audiences

Once you have generated your first customers, you can use Facebook Lookalike Audiences to find more potential customers who are similar to your existing customers.

For more information on Facebook Lookalike Audiences, click here.

Avoid keyword cannibalization

Don't target different pages with the same keywords. This is called keyword cannibalization. You are competing with yourself. Instead, publish everything you have to say about a topic on one page. If the topic is well and comprehensively covered, you will automatically get backlinks over time and improve your ranking.

Find influencers on TokTok

TikTok offers a creator marketplace through which you can easily find new creators for your brand. Unlike Instagram, where even small influencers usually demand quite a high compensation, on TikTok you will find many creators who will produce good content for you even in exchange for a product sample, thus spreading your brand.

Find unexpected keywords

Get more traffic by targeting keywords that are shown in the keyword tools with no or very little search volume. When your content is ranking, watch Google Search Console: if traffic for unexpected keywords appears there, add H2 headlines to your content targeting these keywords.

Turn subscription forms into landing pages

To attract more subscribers to a newsletter, treat the signup form like a landing page:

  • Ask for an email address only
  • Make a clear offer (give your subscribers a reason to sign up, e.g. a testimonial or a pre-release)


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