The opportunity for a good challenge lurks everywhere

I just went to a restaurant with my partner. We don't do it very often, even less since we have kids. But just today we realized that we do it too rarely. And this, although many others would probably have lost the desire.

But from the beginning: What happened?

We entered the restaurant, were greeted in an extremely friendly manner and escorted to one of the free tables. The usual flipping back and forth of the menu and waiting for the waiter. Then placed the order, a short time later received the drinks. So far, everything is still unspectacular.

Until the minutes passed. 20, 30, 40 minutes. At some point the hour was over. "Ok", we thought, "there is certainly a lot to do and possibly the kitchen is short staffed". But when nearly 1.5 hours had passed, we asked nicely for our order and experienced an irritated waiter - who had apparently forgotten to pass on our order to the kitchen.

I'll make it short: 20 minutes later - in the meantime we had been in the restaurant for 2 hours - we received our food.... But: the wrong one. A quick glance at my partner, who also looked puzzled at her food, then looked up at me and said, "Niko, look: we've been given a chance to exercise restraint."

And yes: she's right. There are two choices in this situation. I could either choose to complain, which might have the justification to be more pronounced. Or I could practice accepting the situation and making the best of it.

We opted for the latter option this time.



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