Always seek the leverage effect

Leverage effects allow us to have an impact far beyond our actual size. They are a multiplier of our results. The effort I invest is multiplied by the leverage effect and added to the result.

In everything you do, be aware of the leverage effect. Think about "where do I have the opportunity to increase the impact of my efforts?". For example, if you are starting a new business idea, you can summarize your intermediate results and publish them on a blog and Twitter. This will increase your reach and build an audience without much additional effort.

As a software developer, I've made using the leverage effect a principle at my company Kommune3. When I start a new project, the first thing I do is consider what leverage is available to me. Are there ways I can reuse my work?

Even with this blog here I use leverage effects: the system here is based on Drupal, which is the content management system I deal with professionally daily anyway. So I'm not only practicing regular writing, but I'm also changing my point of view by slipping from the developer role into the user role and thus taking the perspective of my customers. From this, I gain important insights that I can incorporate into my daily work.

Here's a little rule: Whenever you're faced with the choice of which idea to go for, think about the leverage effects available to you. Where can you leverage your effort to greater results with a higher factor?


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