Call to mediocrity

This is a call to mediocrity. Do things without intending to hit the big time. Do! Start! Don't think about the output, but make the way to your goal. Yes: all too often you've set out to do it, and yet you've failed again and again to meet your standards. Every text, every website, every important email: you've twisted words, deleted sentences, and rewritten. Often enough you crumpled things up afterwards and threw them away. But how much didn't get done in the first place?

Perfectionism is a poison that slowly seeps into your thoughts. Perfectionism is sabotaging your creativity. This is a call to mediocrity! A mediocre text is better than no text at all. So let your thoughts run free without judging the output. Write away. Paint away. Program away. Put your thoughts on the street and don't let anyone judge you.

Prominent role models show you smooth paths. But you don't have to compare yourself to anything. Your creativity and your thoughts belong to you alone. You are accountable to no one, and you don't have to defend yourself for it. The Stoics say that you have no influence on the outcome of your actions. But you do have influence on the act itself. On the moment that produces it. Focus on that alone and enjoy the flow that comes from freeing yourself from wanting to create something significant.

Allow the mediocre. Look for the imperfect. Those little in-between worlds that can only be found on Google from page four onwards. Far away from the glittering worlds, which were screwed together by ice-cold perfectionists in painstaking detail work and eke out their soulless existence.

This is a call to mediocrity!



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